Luzia von Wyl

Born in 1985 in Lucerne, Luzia lives in Zurich and Lucerne — and on the Swiss Rail networks trains. Her activity as a pianist and composer is chiefly focused on her own projects, which she develops and directs artistically as well as administratively. She has been commissioned by various musicians and ensembles; among the venues where her works have been premiered are the Bern Music Festival and the Tage für Neue Musik Zürich. In 2011 she won the International Composition Competition of the Orchestra of Our Time, a contemporary ensemble based in New York.

André Pousaz

Born in 1983 in Visp, André is a resident of Bern and seduces not only with the way he plays bass but with his charming Swiss-Valais dialect. He is highly active in the international concert scene, performing with such major jazz and pop artists as Christy Doran, Stefan Rusconi, Julian Sartorius, Tobias Preisig, Stefan Aeby, and many more. In addition, he is a member of such ensembles as the Swiss Army Big Band and the Swiss Jazz Orchestra. His numerous CD releases have appeared on such labels as Sony and Universal Music.

Lionel Friedli

Raphael Christen

Born in 1969 in Lucerne, Raphael lives in Cham. He may not have a driver's license, but he has managed to get his license for playing his instrument at whiplash tempi. He has performed numerous concerts as a chamber musician and a soloist with such ensembles as the Festival Strings Lucerne and the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra. Raphael also teaches the marimba class at the University of the Arts in Zurich.

Amin Mokdad

Born in 1984 in Biel, Amin currently lives there. He enjoys an active concert career both in the realm of jazz and in the field of free improvisation, performing with such ensembles as the Good Blend 4tet, the Christoph Walter Orchestra, the Swiss Army Concert Band, and many others. He is known not just for his extremely virtuosic solos but also for his impressive dance style. Occasionally he also dabbles in playing bass and trumpet.

Nicola Katz

Born in 1985 in Zurich, Nicola lives in Lucerne. He is a great lover of refined cuisine and a trendsetter with respect to buzzwords. His concert activity involves collaborating as a chamber and orchestral musician with such ensembles as the Nexus Reed Quintet, the Ensemble PentaTon, the Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra (in 2011, under the direction of Pierre Boulez), and the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra.

Lukas Roos

Born in 1972 in Schüpfheim, Lukas lives in Bern. If he is not running his fingers across the clarinet keys in a frenzy of virtuosity, he is busy crossing them for Roger Federer. He concertizes with such ensembles as his bands Pommelhorse and Bash and has played at numerous festivals in Switzerland and abroad. He has also taken part on several recordings for such labels as Unit Records and HatHut Records.

Maurus Conte

Born in 1982 in Lucerne, Maurus is a resident of that city as well. His life is devoted to research and discovery, not only in the realm of music but just as avidly in the domain of whiskey. His concert activity involves playing as a chamber and orchestral musician with such ensembles as the Nexus Reed Quintet, the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra, the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra, and the Zug Sinfonietta. He has won several national and international competitions.

Vincent Millioud

Jonas Iten

Jonas is a resident of Zug, where he was born in 1972. His concert activity includes playing as principal cellist of the Festival Strings Lucerne and the Camerata Zürich, and he has performed as a soloist with such ensembles as the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, the Musikkollegium Winterthur, and the Zug Sinfonietta. His various CDs have appeared on such labels as Sony Music/Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, and he has won numerous competitions. In his free time he likes to play the role of singer and has a special preference for Italian tenor arias — not a matter for the faint of heart.


What an honor it is...

...to have worked with the following artists!

  • Tomasz Trzebiatowski, photography
  • Walter Sigi Arnold, voice
  • Monika Gugganig, voice
  • Tobias Scharfenberger, voice
  • Markus Hollop, voice
  • Roman Glaser, flute
  • Andrea Loetscher, flute and piccolo
  • Michel de Paula, flute and piccolo
  • Marcel Lüscher, bass clarinet
  • Marc Jaussi, trumpet
  • Simon Heggendorn, violin
  • Patrizia Pacozzi, violin
  • Yvo Wettstein, violin
  • Giulia Ajomne, violoncello
  • Nicola Romanò, violoncello
  • Fabian Ziegler, marimba
  • Rico Baumann, drums
  • Christoph Steiner, drums